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“I just listened to episode 4 on chivalry and have one comment: I recognize and appreciate acts of chivalry, and I ensure my actions reflect the same. My thanks to you two chivalrous men.”


“I want to share; how nice it is to know both of you. I truly admire and respect your presence and it gives me hope as I stand greeting guests all day.
“I am a man in my 50s who has lost everything except my empty initials. Loneliness is not a disease; it’s a slow death. How do I define loneliness?
Four years ago, I lost my parents, leaving me in an empty world. I resigned from my work, and if that wasn’t bad enough, my own children resigned without notice. The shock of this cannot be defined, and the only feeling I have left is me. I search in all spaces, walls, ceiling, and any corners I can find for a moment. Sadly, I am alone each day, and there can be days when I don’t speak to anyone.”


So, I just listened to both recent podcasts (Yes, I’m a little behind!), and I have a comment relating to each:

Re: Episode 2 regarding Platonic Relationship, Fred, you said something that really resonated with me and that is “Attraction has nothing to do with romance. ” So true! Once physical attraction enters the picture, I believe a strictly platonic relationship cannot exist because of the always underlying ‘physical-ness’ creeping in.
Re: Episode 3 on Loneliness: The question asked was whether you could be married and lonely. My mantra for many years has been “I’d rather be alone that than wish I was alone.”
Another thing….Stanley you mentioned the three most important things in aging are family, friends, and money. While I agree that those are important, the issue is that, as we age, we lose family and friends (and sometimes money), and we must rely on our interests – and gratitude for what we DO have like (hopefully) our good health.

Well, that’s it, guys – looking forward to your next podcast.

- Sydne

My takeaway after listening to your lonely/alone podcast is that it depends on how comfortable you are with yourself or—to put it another way—how much do you like yourself. While everyone shares some level of self-delusion as to how much they like themselves, deep down everyone has a sense if they are a “good person” or not. If you really like yourself, there are fewer times when you feel alone because YOU ARE WITH SOMEONE YOU LIKE.

I agree with Stanley that the partial answer to the question is age based. When I was young, I didn’t know myself so wasn’t sure I liked myself, so I do remember feeling lonely when I lived in NYC in a studio apartment.

Now that I am older and know that I like being alone.


Bravo! Wonderful podcast! Your frankness is stunning!

So many remarks touched a familiar chord for me. In my journey thru life, each stage and age brings a new perspective. That’s what makes the podcast so beautiful! Keep talking!


I was enjoying listening to your podcast this morning, but I had to pause it because my dog rang the bell telling me he had to go out.

I may not be in the first 20 to respond, but I’d still like a cap.

—Alice B.

As for being alone, alone time is good for me. All I need is a few hours alone to get myself relaxed and back to the real world.


Cohen! Love the podcast! Keep it up!

—Jon F.

Liked Episode 2 – Very nice and lite conversation. People will enjoy the easy flow of the conversation. Feels a little like a Woody Allen movie. Keep it going.

—Michael A.

Stanley and Fred,

A hearty congratulations for developing and launching your entertaining podcast. You’ve taken the big step of introducing yourself to a worldwide audience.

You offer up a tale of friendship, trust, values and meaning with a healthy dose of humor, all of which makes for a “great listen!”


Bravo! That was an enjoyable talk. You both have great radio voices! Love how you play off each other’s
talking points.
By the way: Many single men have dogs for the same reasons.
It’s a way to meet other folks, especially women, who are attracted to kind caregivers! Keep talking!


I loved this podcast from the first minute I heard it. We have a lot to learn from your wisdom and banter.
Well done.


Stanley and Fred,

Absolutely brilliant! Your Two Men Talking Podcast Series brings back the lost art of conversation and the beautiful enjoyment of

human interaction. What a gem; a weekly dose of tonic for the soul.


Stanley and Fred,

Just listened to your first podcast. It was fabulous!!!

You were so authentic and the conversation was interesting and moved right along. Fred sounds like a gem.

Hope you attract a huge audience.



I loved the 1st episode “Two Men Talking.” The banter between you and Fred is refreshing. I appreciated the humor intertwined with the opinions you both shared.

By the way, as a dog owner, I can attest to how important she is in my life. I’m looking forward to future episodes.


Hi Stan and Fred,

Just listened to today’s podcast on my way home from taking my dog, Tucker to the groomer. LOVED IT!

I am the stereotype of your talk.

.I sleep with my dog.

.I talk to my dog.

.I talk about my dog.

.I show photos of my dog.

.I cook for my dog (apparently better than for my husband, I’m told).

The only thing I do not do is “French kiss” my dog. That’s where I draw the line! Although I never had a dog before this one, I agree that it seems like more and more people have dogs and are rather obsessed.

Years ago, if I saw a huge post on Facebook eulogizing a family’s dog, I am embarrassed to say I would roll my eyes and just not “get it” but NOW…. I am ashamed to have even had that thought.

Anyway, what a fun way to start my day. Keep it up boys! You are lots of fun to listen to….


Jackie S.

Stanley and Fred,

You did a great job!


Stanley and Fred,

Just listened to Episode 1 of your TwoMenTalking.com Podcast Series. Enjoyed it!

What are your thoughts on the next chapters in life, like when kids leave home and you’re an empty nester? How does it affect a marriage and men’s professional and social goals?

Michael W.

Thanks, Mr. Cohen and Mr. Smith,

I just listened to TwoMenTalking.com Trailer, Intro, and Episode 1. They were excellent.

I love the story of your walks in Central Park behind your podcast series!

As someone who also loves walking around Manhattan, I can certainly appreciate this being the origin.

I look forward to the future episodes/topics to be discussed!

God Bless,


Stanley and Fred,
Just listened to your first podcast. It was fabulous!!! You were so authentic,

and the conversation was interesting and moved right along.

Hope you attract a huge audience.