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Education is an incredibly valuable asset that has oftentime been underappreciated. Although there are cons to the system, such as cost and rigidity, the benefits hugely outweigh them. An educated population is more self-sufficient and able to rely on themselves instead of seeking aid from many different areas; further, they are able to know how to better research topics and make well-informed decisions in times of need. This leads to a collective knowledge base that can help teach the public about important issues and develop solutions for them. Education can truly make people’s lives easier by providing the tools required to succeed and no matter what their circumstances may be, they have the opportunity to further their schooling if they choose. Overall, education should be viewed as an invaluable asset to humanity in our ever changing society.

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Access to education may open great opportunities for individuals that had otherwise been left unattainable; it provides not only knowledge but paths to better opportunity which allows people to further pursue their dreams in ways they didn’t have before. Let’s appreciate and value such a precious commodity – not only will this improve our own lives, but by investing in it, we can also make a positive contribution towards making society a better place.